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Frequently Asked Questions

🌸 How do I earn points?

You can earn points by following us on social media platforms, sharing on facebook and completing purchases. Click here for details.

🌸 How do referrals work?

You will be provided with a unique link. Send this link to (all) your friends. You and your friends will receive a coupon that you can use on your next purchase.Β 

🌸 Where can I find my referral link?

To see your referral link, you need to create an account or login to your existing account. Then click Rewards widget at the bottom left of the screen.

🌸 How do I check my points?

You can checkΒ how many points you haveΒ by clicking here to log in.

🌸 When do points start accruing?

For all customers, Points start on the day you sign up. Points cannot be applied retroactively.

🌸 Do my points expire?

Good news is that currently, your points will not expire. If we implement changes in the future, you will be updated via email.

🌸 Who can join Kish Kreations Rewards Program?

Kish Kreations customers from the countries we ship to are eligible to join the Rewards Program and start earning points. Customers are automatically enrolled into the Rewards Program upon creating a Kish Kreations customer account. No purchase is necessary to enroll in the Rewards Program.

🌸 How do I use my points?

All points add up which can be converted to coupons in at $5, $10 $20 The maximum amount of points you can redeem towards one purchase is 2000 points (AU$20).